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  • Introducing the Stray Away Eyeliner Remover Pen – your ultimate makeup must-have for precise and effortless makeup removal! Say goodbye to makeup mishaps with this essential tool that complements your No Stray KattEye Liner and Best in Show Liner adhesive pen.


    Key Features:


    1. Precision Makeup Removal: The Stray Away Eyeliner Remover Pen is designed to flawlessly remove your eyeliner, ensuring a clean slate for your next masterpiece. Whether you're sculpting intricate graphic liner looks or cleaning up under the eyes after eyeshadow application, this pen is your trusted companion.


    2. Easy Replacement Tips: Each Stray Away Eyeliner Remover Pen comes with three replacement tips. These durable, ultra-fine tips guarantee a seamless and mess-free removal process, maintaining the precision you crave.


    3. Versatile Usage: This versatile makeup remover pen is not limited to eyeliner removal alone. It effortlessly tackles waterproof makeup, leaving no trace behind. Enjoy a hassle-free cleanup process that takes the stress out of your beauty routine.


    4. Residue-Free Results: We understand the importance of a clean canvas, which is why our eyeliner remover pen leaves no residue or smudging. Achieve a pristine look every time you use it.


    5. Ideal for Sensitive Skin: Formulated with sensitivity in mind, our eyeliner remover pen is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It's gentle yet effective, ensuring your skin remains cared for during the makeup removal process.


    Elevate your makeup game and bid farewell to makeup mishaps with the Stray Away Eyeliner Remover Pen from KattEye. Whether you're a makeup artist or a beauty enthusiast, this indispensable tool will be your go-to for achieving perfection in your makeup routine. Keep your eyeliner game on point, and never let stray lines or smudges hold you back.


    Don't settle for anything less than perfection. Stray Away with KattEye – because your beauty deserves the best.


    Why Cruelty free?
    I believe cosmetics should stay on humans, not animals!


    Why should you buy?

    KattEye's cosmetic line may be small in size, but it carries a significant mission. Drawing inspiration from both feline elegance and vintage charm, our products are designed with user-friendliness in mind. What makes your purchase even more meaningful is that a portion of the proceeds directly supports local cat charities in need, as indicated on the care card included with your lash order!

    Stray Away Remover Pen

      • A must have makeup remover pen that removes the No Stray KattEye Liner, and Best in Show Liner adhesive pen!
      • Each pen comes with 3 replacement tips to ensure an easy, clean removal.
      • Great for sculpting graphic liner looks, removing waterproof makeup, and cleaning up under the eye after using eyeshadow.
      • No residue left over.
      • Great for sensitive skin.

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