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Elevate your lash game with the PurrfectGrip Rose Gold Lash Paw, the custom lash applicator tweezers by Katt Panic. Say goodbye to the hassle of lash application and hello to effortless, precise, and purr-fectly beautiful lashes.


Key Features:


1. Time and Energy Saver: Our custom-designed lash applicator tweezers are here to make your lash application a breeze. Save time and energy by effortlessly handling your lashes with expert precision.

2. Curved Lash Band Support: These tweezers are the secret to a flawless lash application. They are expertly crafted to keep the lash band curved, ensuring an even and straight application every time. No more frustrating wobbles or uneven lashes!

3. Rose Gold Elegance: Made from high-quality metal, our lash applicator tweezers boast a luxurious rose gold color that exudes elegance and sophistication. They are not only functional but also a stylish addition to your beauty toolkit.

4. KattEye Seal of Quality: Rest assured that you're using an authentic KattEye product. Our tweezers proudly display the KattEye Lash logo, a symbol of quality and excellence in the world of beauty.

Experience the convenience and precision of the PurrfectGrip Rose Gold Lash Claw. Whether you're a seasoned lash enthusiast or just starting your lash journey, these tweezers are your trusted companion for achieving the perfect lash look every time.

Don't let the frustration of lash application hold you back. Upgrade to the PurrfectGrip Rose Gold Lash Claw and enjoy the confidence of beautifully applied lashes that enhance your natural beauty. It's time to lash out with style, precision, and a touch of feline flair – only with KattEye.


Why Cruelty free?
I believe cosmetics should stay on humans, not animals!


Why buy from us?

Katt Panic Makeup's cosmetic line may be small in size, but it carries a significant mission. Drawing inspiration from both feline elegance and vintage charm, our products are designed with user-friendliness in mind. What makes your purchase even more meaningful is that a portion of the proceeds directly supports local cat charities in need, as indicated on the care card included with your lash order!

Purrrfect Grip Rose Gold Lash Paw

    • Secure Lash Hold
    • Precision Application
    • Time Saving
    • Cute Design
    • Rose Gold Color

Bridal Bliss:

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