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  • Introducing the Pick of the Litter Lash Pack, your passport to a world of lash freedom and limitless design possibilities. Say goodbye to traditional lash bands and hello to a lightweight, comfortable, and revolutionary way to accentuate your eyes.


    Key Features:


    1. Innovative Lash Segment Design: Experience the lash revolution with our segmented lash sets. These lashes are divided into segments, allowing you to customize your lash look like never before. Stack, layer, or apply just a few segments for subtle elegance or go all out for a dramatic effect.


    2. Effortless Application: Our lash pack includes black glue and tweezers to make application a breeze. Simply apply the glue to the base of the lash segment, then adhere it underneath your lash line. No more struggling with lash bands or adhesive mess.


    3. Secure, Comfortable Hold: Achieve a secure and comfortable hold with our specially formulated clear sealer. It keeps your lashes in place throughout the day, so you can flaunt your unique lash design with confidence.


    4. Easy Removal Process: When it's time to remove your lash segments, our included remover makes the process gentle and hassle-free. Apply it to the glue bonds, let it sit, and remove each segment with ease, allowing you to reuse your lashes time and time again.


    5. Exceptional Value: The Pick of the Litter Lash Pack is valued at over $115, offering you a remarkable assortment of lash segments, adhesive essentials, and tools at an unbeatable price.


    Unleash your inner lash artist and explore a world of endless possibilities with the Pick of the Litter Lash Pack. Whether you're aiming for a subtle daytime look or a show-stopping evening style, our segmented lash sets empower you to create the perfect lash design for any occasion.


    Upgrade your lash game and redefine your beauty routine with a lash pack that delivers comfort, creativity, and exceptional value. Embrace the future of lashes – it's time to pick your favorites, stack them up, and express your unique style with confidence. Discover the beauty of endless lash designs with Katt Panic Makeup.


    Why Cruelty free?
    I believe cosmetics should stay on humans, not animals!


    Why buy from us?

    Katt Panic Makeup's cosmetic line may be small in size, but it carries a significant mission. Drawing inspiration from both feline elegance and vintage charm, our products are designed with user-friendliness in mind. What makes your purchase even more meaningful is that a portion of the proceeds directly supports local cat charities in need, as indicated on the care card included with your lash order!


    How long will the KattEye Pick of the Litter Lash Set last?
    The better care you take of the lash set, the longer they will last. For best care, remove adhesive from the lash band gently after every use with tweezers. Place back into their lash form in their lash box, and store safely away. There is a care card in the box of every KattEye Lash set for easy instructions!

    Strip lashes can easily fall victim to being taken off in the car, or in room where they are set on a unclean surface away from their lash box. There, they often become a cat toy, or can be swept up or thrown out by a non-lash wearer. Treat your lashes well and keep them safe, and they will last a very long time!

    Pick of the Litter Lash Pack

    C$65.00 Regular Price
    C$35.00Sale Price
      • No more lash bands, hello endless design opportunities!

      • Lightweight and comfortable too!

      • 4 segmented lash sets

      • Includes Black glue

      • Includes Clear sealer

      • Includes Remover

      • Includes Tweezers


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