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This eyelash adhesive pen is a clear, mess free/fuss free eyelash adhesive. You'll be the best in show! This adhesive pen will keep your lashes put. The liner also will help the longevity of your lashes, as minimal adhesive buildup happens on the lash band!


How to use:

  1. Start with clean eye surface, free of all oils. Prime if needed, and apply makeup as you would normally.
  2. Apply the marker eyeliner as desired around the lash line, allow to dry for 30 seconds.
  3. Apply eyeliner to a band of any lash of your choosing, allow to dry for 30 seconds.
  4. Press lash band onto the eyeliner and give a little push to make sure they are secure together. Make sure to apply extra liner to problem areas if you have them, (such as the inner corner of the eyes, if they tend to lift on you.)


To remove, pull lash lightly until it comes loose and place it back into lash try. Use oil based makeup remover to remove lash off the eyelid.

As the eyeliner sticks to itself, this liner is not recommended for smokey eyes, or any other makeup look that will require the liner to be in contact with itself.


Why Cruelty free?
I believe cosmetics should stay on humans, not animals!


Why should you buy?

KattEye's cosmetic line may be small in size, but it carries a significant mission. Drawing inspiration from both feline elegance and vintage charm, our products are designed with user-friendliness in mind. What makes your purchase even more meaningful is that a portion of the proceeds directly supports local cat charities in need, as indicated on the care card included with your lash order!


Is it easy?
The Best In Show KattEye Liner is the easiest way to wear your favourite strip lash. Apply your adhesive liner, then apply to the band of the lash, and presto!

To remove from eyes: Pull the lash from the corner, and place back into its box. Use an oil based makeup remover on a cotton pad and apply to the eye. Let sit for 15 seconds to fully saturate the liner and break the bonds. Begin to gently rub the lash line. Repeat as needed to remove the liner.


How long will the Adhesive EyeLiner last?
The liner should last between 30-90 uses, (1-3 months), depending on how you care, store, and use the liner. For optimal use, store with marker tip facing down, cap on snapped on tight. Do not store in freezing or overly hot temperatures.

Best In Show Katt Eye Liner

    • Clear Eyeliner Marker
    • Water-proof
    • Smudge-proof
    • 12 hour wear time
    • Works with any lash
    • Cruelty free

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